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Three happy celestial objects ready to have some fun! "Let me tell you a story" "Oooh, pretty!" "Wanna Play?"

The Silly Side

Hey, check out what I found! Most of the remnants of my first website!

A screenshot of the first Val's Galore website

A long time ago, in a galaxy not yet bedecked with VG stars and moons, a small page titled "Desktop Art" resided happily on AOL's servers. Before AOL crudely demolished that humble Val's Galore creation, I managed to salvage most of it and duplicate it on my own website. Sadly, my amusing account of how I crippled my computer in an overzealous attempt to rid it of useless operating system files is gone forever. But at least you can enjoy the cute pictures!

Or if you are looking for something a little older and dustier, feel free to let the friendly Star Guys (to the left) be your guide! Just mouse over one of them to see the possibilities! If at any time you get lost, just look to the stars above. They have clearly named links.


Despite the big word that is its name, you might actually find something entertaining in this category! Especially if you like big words. Narrative Land is home to stories, cartoons, and other sundries. If it has a plot, you'll find it here.

Recent arrivals to Narrative Land

Plenty more narratives, right this way!
The Princess and the Flea
The first and only animated Furry Tale
Romeo and Juliet...On the Farm
A romantic and tragic tale of young love between two star-crossed horses
Story of the Week
Once upon a time, Story of the Week meant there would be a weekly story. But when the stories dry up, their legacy remains!


Eye Candy

If you're in a less literary mood, step into my visual showroom, where you'll find all sorts of nice things to look at. From buddy icons to wallpaper to genuine "art," it's all here for your ocular entertainment! (Sorry, I shouldn't use words like "ocular" when you're not in a literary mood)

Recent appearances of Eye Candy

By "recent," I mean "within the past couple of years." If you are undaunted by less-than-fresh content, by all means, click away! If not, I hope to have something new and exciting up here soon. And by "soon," I mean, "within the next couple of years."

Two decorated wine glasses
Glass Plates
A set of four cobalt blue plates engraved and etched with fruit designs. Another fine VG custom wedding present!
Two decorated wine glasses
Star Wineglasses
A pair of etched and engraved crystal made in honor of a friend's wedding. (Another piece of fine VG custom glasswork!)
Two decorated wine glasses
Little Froggy Wreath
One of a limited collection of Val's Galore wreaths.



Click on me and help yourself to more eye candy!


When you're bored with "Look but don't touch," head over to the interactive playpen. Games feature a prominent location here, but you may also run across personality tests and other things for you to "do."

Recent Interactive arrivals

Someone sitting in a shopping cart eating fruit
The Grocery Store Etiquette Test
My futile attempt to teach grocery store courtesy, in the guise of a multiple choice personality test. Hosted by OKCupid.
The Emily Dickinson Personality Matcher
If you're in a philosophical mood, try this personality quiz which will match some of your values with a poem by the Belle of Amherst.
This may be your only chance to make music using cats. Cats are not very cooperative. Go at it while the going's good!
Let the games begin! Click here!
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