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Is your computer desktop boring?  Are you still using the same old "clouds" wallpaper that came with the computer five years ago...or even worse, are you not using any wallpaper at all?  If that is the case, then you are probably beyond hope--but if you are the type of person who likes to change your computer around every once in a while, if you like festive colors, interesting patterns, and lots of variety, then this is the page for you!  And hey, even all you "clouds" people out there, maybe this is your chance to turn over a new leaf!  Let's start with some pictures that you can use for wallpaper.

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[frogpond]A frog in a pond

            starsYellow stars on a
blue background 
            [scribbles]    Scribbles

daisytile Staggered Blue daisies

[rainbow]  Several rainbows Mr.Hanky And now for all you
South Park fans...

Mr. Hanky!

daisypile Blue daisies in a pile

[bubbles]  Blue bubbles fish  Fishes

sunflowers  sunflowers

[sunset,beach] Sunset & palms [fleece navidad]  Fleece Navidad
[flag] Flag & text saying
"Happy 4th of July"
fallen leaves Fallen Leaves

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