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Eye Candy

Easy on the eyes, easy on the brain. That's why I like pretty things. I hope you like them too, because this whole page is full of them! Of course, why limit myself to only the pretty stuff? You might find ugly things here as well. Basically, if you use your eyes to experience it, it belongs here.

Custom Glasswork

Where you will find anything that's artistic and has to do with glass. Except glass blowing. Not yet.


My wreath selling venture lasted only as long as I was out of a job, but the samples are here, for enjoyment and future inspiration!

Digital Photography

Here you will find some of my favorite photographs, some beautiful in their own right, some digitally modified to better suit my artistic vision. Coming later.

Clip Art

Eventually I will have a collection of clip-art suitable drawings and stock art suitable photos. Until then, enjoy this description.

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