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Custom Glasswork

Painted, etched, engraved...Val's Galore loves her glass! Find samples of all my previous creations right here...and don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like to commission some beautiful glasswork of your own!
Wineglasses etched and engraved with stars and swirls

Swirly wineglasses

Might as well just call me Val's Weddingware, this matched set was my gift to my father on his wedding. Larger image

Blue glass plate with etched grapes

Glass Plates

Another hand-made wedding present, this set of four glass plates features etched and engraved fruits. Larger image

Wineglasses etched with star design

Star wineglasses

Made for a friend's wedding, this is a rare matched set with engraved stars set in a frosted background. Larger image

Piece of seaglass with a seahorse drawn on it

Seahorse necklace

After many years of collecting sea glass and never coming up with a good use for it, I thought of painting pieces with ocean themes and making them into jewelry. Larger image

Martini glass with an olive saying, "Nice Doggy!"

Nice doggy!

If this martini glass isn't funny to you, it's because you don't live with a labrador whose tail sweeps so briskly over the coffee table. Larger image

Martini glasses with a lemon saying, "Pucker up!" and an olive saying, "Eat me!"

Martini glasses with attitude

These glasses were made with a combination of glass paint and stained glass veneer. The result is a particularly luminous wedge of lemon! Larger image

Wine glass with a painted-on sleeping cat

Sleeping cat

A wineglass with an adorable kitty sleeping on the bowl. Larger image

Wineglass with a painted cat sitting on it

Kitty wineglass

A tail can never be too long when it has to wrap around stemware. Larger image

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