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It's storytime in Valerie-Land! Why don't you just sit back and select the reading material of your choice? Of course, if words on paper aren't your style, there are also some comic strips, photostories, and animated videos. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the entertainment!

Val's Galorious Galaxy

By far the newest narrative material you'll find on the site, Val's Galorious Galaxy is a rigorously (by VG standards) updated journal where I whine about life and occasionally entertain.

Story of the Week

Weekly or otherwise, these stories will be sure to keep you entertained! Or at least will make you wonder what the heck I was smoking...

Romeo and Juliet...On the Farm!

Have you ever seen a toy horse climbing a rope ladder? You will, in this original Plastic Horse Production!

Furry Tales

If dogs needed bedtime stories, these are what they would tell. Ridiculous tales where good and evil are always clearly defined, and poop is always yummy. Ewww.


A comic strip about the most dysfunctional royal court (made of dogs and cats, no less) you've ever encountered.

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